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      Trump Administration Tightens Food Stamp Work Requirements for Able-Bodied Recipients without Dependents

      Work requirements have become almost meaningless. The Trump Administration aims to address this.

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      Trump Prodded NATO Allies to Pay $130B More Because He Wants to Strengthen the Alliance

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      New PragerU Video: “How Big Government Hurts Women”

      Women so often hear that bigger government is going to solve all their problems. The reality is: These big-government mandates backfire, leading to less opportunity, choice, flexibility, and freedom.

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      Knife-Wielding London Bridge Terrorist Was Poster Boy for Well-Meaning Academics

      Usman Khan was regarded as an example of the wonders of rehabilitation by the group to which his two young victims, Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, belonged.

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      3 Reasons to Give Before Midnight:

      Here are 3 important reasons to give to Independent Women’s Forum before tonight’s deadline...

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      Washington Post Fashion Writer So Nasty about First Lady's Coat that She Skips Mocking White House Christmas Decorations

      The minute you saw First Lady Melania Trump’s dazzling White House Christmas decorations, you know what was going to happen, right?

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      There’s something magical about this time of year

      It truly is the spirit of the season… and the generosity and gratitude it brings.

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      Hong Kongers Give Thanks to America: 'Thank You, President Trump’

      Via PJ Media

      by Claudia Rosett

      As this Thanksgiving Day dawned in America, thousands of people in Hong Kong were holding a mid-evening rally to thank America for supporting the territory's massive democracy movement.

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      Fighting back in the war on adoption

      Via Washington Examiner

      by Naomi Schaefer Riley

      In the packed main hall of the Hubert H. Humphrey building in mid-November, Vice President Mike Pence addressed an enthusiastic crowd. “We are the most pro-adoption administration in history,” he thundered, earning one of several standing ovations.

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      Hong Kong's Finest Hour

      Via PJ Media

      by Claudia Rosett

      On Sunday, Hong Kong's people succeeded quite adeptly in doing what Carrie Lam could not. They imposed calm and order on themselves, for the reason that they actually had a chance to vote, in very local elections, held once every four years.

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      We’re making progress, but can do more to stop violence against women

      Via Washington Examiner

      by Andrea Bottner

      Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. It marks the beginning of an annual International United Nations campaign urging 16 days of activism.

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      New Jersey's attack on the gig economy is also an attack on workers looking to make ends meet

      Via Fox News

      by Patrice Lee Onwuka

      Another strategy by revenue-hungry lawmakers and bitter labor unions to strangle innovation

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      IW Senior Fellow, Kelsey Bolar, Shares Her Experience as a NICU Mom ? Fox News at Night

      How Long Will One Million Last in Retirement ? Making Money

      Amazon Making Smart Competition Choices this Holiday Shopping Season ? Making Money


      Why China poses an existential national security threat to America ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

      A Global Response to Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University ? Secure Freedom Radio ? Listen >>>

      Climate Change Shakedown: Whats Happening with ExxonMobil ? Bloomberg Radio ? Listen >>>


      Teen vaping clouds the debate over safer alternatives to smoking

      Via Carolina Journal

      by Julie Gunlock

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      Conservative women matter, too

      Via Valiant News

      by Carrie L. Lukas

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      Republicans and Democrats Offer Rival Plans Regarding the Future of Health Care in America

      Via The Western Journal

      by Hadley Heath

      Republicans and Democrats are offering very different views on what America’s health care system should look like as the country heads into the 2020 election.

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